To achieve our mission to provide a safe, warm and collegial learning community, we have provided
• First class boarding facilities for students. All dorms are fully air-conditioned with a setting that truly reflects a home away from home
• Fully furnished apartments for all staff members to ensure 24-hour care for our students.
• A Crèche facility for staff members with young babies and a well-equipped playground for staff children.

Pastoral Care

The care, welfare and happiness of our students are our main focus. At Neander we offer round-the- clock dedicated care to our students. The students are also cared for by teachers and staff that work at school and strong links are maintained with school through the House Parents. All our staff is always on hand to offer guidance, support and encouragement. Each student has a special mentor, with whom they have regular meetings to discuss any pastoral or academic issues.

Boarding House

Life as a boarder improves students’ self-confidence, and they learn to cope for themselves in a supportive environment. There is very much a ‘family atmosphere’ in the House, and many students will establish life-long friendships. Our students are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions whilst being guided and nurtured as they grow into young adults. The Houses are well staffed by a full-time team of House Parents led by the Matron.

Code of Conduct

As part of a mission to provide good education that is inspired by sound Christian values, the rules in our Code of Conduct are required for personal safety, the well-being of others and the care and protection of the school buildings and property. While we reward and recognize achievements publicly and encourage rather than punish, students who break the rules in our code of conduct will be sanctioned. These sanctions range from withdrawal of certain privileges to after-school detention. Parents are also informed and may be invited to school for discussions. Extreme cases of bad behaviour may attract withdrawal from the school.

Sports and Co-Curricular Activities

We believe that extra-curricular activities are an essential aspect of our students’ overall education, and complementary to their academic development; both of these components are crucial in preparing them for life. To this end we have a range of sporting activities, clubs and other programs that will help develop and nurture hidden talents.

School Shop

A school shop is in operation at the school. The shop is stocked and run by the school. All clothing pertaining to school activities will be available there.


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